Warrioress Retreat

June 16-22nd, 2020 New Moon - Summer Solstice

Warrioress A Visionary Congress for Women of the Sacred Arts In this gathering of wise warrior women we will illuminate the mystery school that lives within each of our hearts with the ceremonial reclamation of our Divine Sovereignty. through the power of our ceremonial artistry and reverent devotion, we will embrace the ancient Power hidden deep within our bodies of the Divine Feminine.

From this devotion, we will envision new forms of leadership, sacred arts, and healing practice that are required in this time of the Great Quickening and the global re-emergence of the fully empowered Warrioress. Will you heed the call? Will you honour your place in this Renaissance of Love?

We will gather to hold council and from within this circle: Enter the Great Mysteries through the potent practices of the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, sacred ceremonies rooted in Andean and Amazonian Shamanism, Breath work, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, and intentional creativity.

We will "dream" more fully into being our unique contribution as a Warrioress and how to foster radical cooperation through the reclamation of our inter-dependence, and envision “open source” innovations to aide our lives, families, and communities in this time of the Great Turning. As practitioners of the Sacred Arts, we will create networks of mutual support to meet the unprecedented gifts and challenges of this time within Gaia-Sophia’s dreaming.

As devoted Mystics we will align with other Visionary Alchemists to potentiate our service and evolution within a powerfully held container for Self-care and renewal. (Until we learn how to truly receive, we will never reach our full potential to Serve!) We will reclaim the the many faces of the Goddess that lives within each of us and in doing so honour, empower, and bless the inner Warrioress!

This 6 day visionary congress will be held at the Sentinel Retreat Center in Kaslo, British Columbia.

For more information please email visionaryheartsretreat@gmail.com