Plant Spirit Medicine


Foundational Training to be of Service

with the Master Teacher Plants


Year 1: September 19th to September 25th, 2024
A Three-Year Online and In-person Apprenticeship

2024 PSMA begins Fall 2024

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    Do you feel an undeniable calling to help others profoundly heal?
    Do you love the beauty and wisdom of the Sacred Plant Teachers, but don't feel ready, confident, or equipped to lead ceremony?
    Do you long to learn in an authentic, loving, supported, and lineage-sanctioned container?

This Program is For

Pachakuti Mesa Carriers

Who feel an undeniable call to support profound personal, community, and planetary healing.

The most important thing we can do is remember how to feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth

The Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonialist Apprenticeship is a holistic and comprehensive immersion program designed to develop successive levels of practice, skillful means, lineage empowerment, and initiation to learn the art of healing ceremony with the Master Teacher Plant Spirits.

Each year of the program is a level of direct initiation and training to foster the development of specific shamanic core competencies through focused mentorship. (Sign up for a live call and get a downloadable PDF to learn more about the core competencies and apprenticeship details.)

Each core competency is required to enter the complex spirit realms of shamanic healing and to successfully be of service to others with the plants.

This is an advanced practitioner training for Pachakuti Mesa Carriers, which is offered as 3 levels of training over 3 Years to grow and gain the tools to build these core competencies. Commitment is made one year at a time.

This is an absolutely unique and rare opportunity to receive in-depth, personal mentorship to learn the ceremonial way of Plant Spirit Medicine. Outside of traditional apprenticeship (which usually takes between 5-15 years), there is no other program offering this degree of holistic and integrative practitioner-level training.

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As sincere hearts striving to learn in a holistic and integrative way our journey to become Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonialists was an incredible arc of healing and learning in both of our lives. Here is just some of what was required:

  • Hundreds of personal ceremonies before we received the sanction to offer in a larger way

  • Many years of devotion to the ceremonial path of direct personal experience and healing

  • On-going pilgrimages to the ancestral sites of the Pachakuti Mesa lineage, Huachuma Curanderismo, and the Amazon to receive sanction directly from the land, plants, and our mentors before offering ceremonies to others

  • We chose to gift our ceremonial work for 6 years before asking to receive sacred reciprocity in the form of money (and we still keep the flow of Ayni alive through gifting our ceremonial work every year)

  • After all of this, we then had the support of 9 local elders in bringing our ceremonial work to the larger community, and a short time later the mentorship of don Oscar and Cindy Miro-Quesada, Judy Hogland, and the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage. We were only able to blossom because of their love, oversight, and accountability

  • Over the last 18 years, we now have a combined total of over 2,200 shamanic and entheogenic ceremonial experiences. Learning, growing, and serving in this way is our shared passion, commitment, and Dharma

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We would not want to train anyone who does not have the level of dedication and support we have had - because the path is just that beautiful, awesome, complex, and challenging.

As we prayed, we also asked ourselves how we could focus this learning process to be more streamlined, while not compromising the integrity required to practice these Medicine ways in an honourable, good, and true fashion.

As we slowly received guidance, a way has opened to be able to mentor and guide others in gaining the core competencies needed to become a Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonialist.

(When you register for the live call we will also send you an in-depth PDF about the Apprenticeship)

Commitment and sacred reciprocity is made one year at a time.

The 3-year journey will conclude with a pilgrimage to Peru with Robin and Darcy to receive direct sanction from the Medicine, Apus, and ancestors of the lineage at the sacred site Chavin de Huantar.

This is an intense, beautiful, and rigorous journey requiring new levels of personal healing, emotional maturity, devotion, veracity, and self-reflective wisdom. To be called to be in successful service with the Plants, we must be fully committed to our ongoing personal healing, impeccable integrity, and shadow work.


After Year One of this process, it will be clear to you if this calling to be of service as a Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonialist is part of your sacred path of Service.

Becoming a Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonialist is an exceptionally challenging and beautiful path of service that is a sacred calling and that requires 100% commitment and devotion. It is not a weekend endeavor, it is a 24/7 lifestyle.

We, as mentors, aim to walk with you side by side

So that you can be resourced and empowered to know if this is your Soul Calling.

It is clear that we need as many heart-centered, skilled practitioners as possible for the planetary transformation and healing that is taking place. There will only be a greater and greater need for the return to Evolutionary Earth Medicine, reverence, and the wisdom of Gaia in the years to come.

In-Person Portions

The Way of Reverence: Opening Retreat

September 19st – 23th, 2024

Star River Sanctuary, Nelson, British Columbia

The Way of Reverence: Closing Retreat

August 29 – September 2nd, 2025

Star River Sanctuary, Nelson, British Columbia


email our team with any questions you might have or book a call to see if this journey is right for you!