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Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn


For the rise

of the new earth

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the power of ceremonial wisdom to alchemize your trauma & uncover the pure Medicine that lives



We are living in the time that has been foretold by countless prophecies, a time of evolutionary potential and quickening, known as The Great Turning. Every level of consciousness and all sentient beings are in a process of evolutionary transformation.

Death and rebirth are everywhere. The pressure is great, the challenge is epic, and we each are the chosen ones who get to imagine a whole new earth into being.

It is only with great pressure that diamonds are formed -

You Are The diamond!

It is now in the overwhelming pressure and force of this time that a whole new order of Healers-Artists-Warriors-Mystics are awakening, and the Medicine of the New Earth is rising through each of our Visionary Hearts.

Out of this pressure, new interdisciplinary fields of study and learning are exploding. Bridging ancient earth honoring wisdom and new science.

The psychedelic renaissance and neo-shamanic revival is in full bloom.

Leaders from every field of medicine, business, and all walks of life are now discovering the power of the sacred plant medicines and ceremonial wisdom to help transform and heal every aspect of life and culture. To build a new way of Being that is in regenerative harmony with the great web of life.


We are here to welcome your leadership, your genius, and your creativity to the medicine of New Earth, and be catalysts for the greatest renaissance in collective consciousness the world has ever known– the awakening from the illusions of separation and into the reality of individual sovereignty, unity and interdependence.
– Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn

Planetary Entheogenesis

The conscious arising of Divinity from within, for personal and planetary evolution
    We mentor and shamanically assist you in how to alchemize your trauma, pain, and suffering into mighty soul power.
    We empower your embodied awakening to divinity and spiritual sovereignty through focused mentorship.
    We skillfully guide you to true healing and awakening through ancient ceremonial arts, expanded states of heart coherence, and new science.
    We activate and up-level your sacred path of service through teaching you powerful shamanic tools and energy medicine.
    We co-create sacred space where you can experience direct spiritual revelation, and Divine source connection.
All of our work is designed and curated to lovingly resource and empower the rise of the New Earth and actualize the greatest potential of healing and awakening within humanity.

Visionary Hearts exists to love and serve all of our relations through reverent Earth honoring ceremonies and heart-centered mentorship.

Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn

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Your sacred path of Service through:

online transformational journeys,
shamanic energy medicine,
ceremonial retreats,
& sacred pilgrimages.

It is our greatest joy to be in service to you as you awaken your soul gifts,
uncover your unique expression of Divinity,
grow the radiant brilliance of your healing,
and bring these gifts forward for personal and planetary transformation.

It is our honor and our dharma to serve You.