Divine Union Retreat

Divine Union Retreat

A ceremonial journey into the Heart of the Mystic

September 19-23rd, 2020

At the heart of every mystical tradition is Divine Union. This is an embodied and transcendent experience of the sacred marriage of divine feminine and masculine energies; the heart and mind; spirit and matter; light and dark; form and formlessness. This experience is initiated from deep within and is an undeniable awakening into the reality of Oneness. In this five day journey we will dive into the experiential, numinous realms of “Unio Mystica”. This is an opportunity for healing at the root of all “dis-ease”- our illusions of separation.

This retreat will be ceremonial and initiatory experience from the living mystery school of the Heart.

This retreat is ideal for those who wish to:

~Bring healing to a sense of separation from the Divine.~

~Awaken a deeper sense of soul inspired service on Gaia.~

~Heal the inner rift between feminine and masculine energies.~

~Bring healing from "within" to intimate and love relationships.~

We will gather on the Autumn Equinox 2020 to:

    • Enter the Great Mysteries through the potent ceremonial practices of the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, Andean and Amazonian shamanism, Hermetic Alchemy, breath work, ecstatic dance, and meditation.
    • We will attune, awaken, and activate the “seat of the soul” where this "Unio Mystica" is revealed through powerful earth-based Shamanic ceremony. Be ready to deeply transform through radical empowerment.
    • We will bring illumination to the inner experience of our feminine and masculine to help heal our relationship to ourselves, our partners, and the world. Ideal for individuals and couples who are ready to move into harmonious relationship dynamics rooted in complementarity.
    • As devoted Mystics we will align with other Visionary Alchemists to potentiate our service and evolution within a powerfully held container for Self-care and renewal. We will bring healing to the lost and broken places with us through an empowerment and resource model of healing.
    • We will reclaim the the many faces of the God/Goddess that lives within each of us and in doing so honour, empower, and bless all Life!

More information to come.  Please email visionaryheartsretreat@gmail.com for updates.