Robin Flynn M.A.

A deep love for life, ferocious curiosity, and compassion for all beings called me to Spirit at a young age. I was launched into a sincere quest for healing, truth, and wisdom with a seemingly incurable mysterious illness from the ages of 14-24. This quest brought me to the monasteries of Nepal, orphanages of Mongolia, Ashrams of India, the sacred lakes of Siberia, the sacred sites of the southwest, and eventually to the wisdom traditions of the Andes and Amazon in Peru. In this time of extended crisis, I knew my life was on the line, and that level of intensity honed a focus, willingness, and the courage to journey to the shadowy depths of my being to bring forth the light and grace of true transformation. It was a long and arduous journey, and one that brought be very in touch with my physical mortality and my essential immortality. The remarkable healing, kindness, and skillful support I received through the ceremonial work in Peru has inspired my entire life since. It was beyond miraculous and worthy of devoting a lifetime of service to.  I was also fortuitously welcomed into the Fellowship of Isis at 18, which heralded a journey of initiation which continues to this day. These blessings continue to blossom and unfold in truly beautiful and auspicious ways. Synchronicity and magic are continually afoot, and those old wounds have become abundant gateways of Blessing!

During this time of radical imbalance and dis-ease, I also searched for relevant insight from the Buddhist based teaching of Naropa University where I received her B.A. in Eco-psychology. Following this I went on to receive a Master of Arts in Good and Sustainable Communities.

As the “wounds” began to heal through the ceremonial work and dedicated application of self-inquiry, nutrition, detoxification, and conscious living, these wounds transformed into gateways for loving kindness and a path of service through the art of Ceremony. Since 2008, I have supported, empowered, and been in loving service to many hundreds of people through my heart’s deep love of Ceremony. It began in a simple and humble way, with a sincere desire to share just a little of what was offered in healing ceremonies and visionary experiences on my journey to Peru. Friend to friend, something truly beautiful and transcendent grew. Darcy and I are still following this calling of Heart, which leads us to work with the most amazing people from all over the world. It is the greatest honour and privilege to serve Pachamama and our community in this way. My ceremonial practice is rooted in the wisdom, love, and ancestral blessings of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, new science and cross-cultural Earth honouring animism.ies from Northern Arizona University. I completed the fieldwork for my master’s thesis “Entheogenic Soul Evolutions: An Exploration of the Ceremonial Use of Ayahuasca and Huachuma by Westerners ” on my first trip to Peru.  I return to Peru yearly with my soul-love and cosmic yanatin Darcy, to bring groups to work with some of the luminary wisdom keepers of the Andes.

With the encouragement of Spirit and our elders, and the gracious blessings of Don Oscar, I am a sanctioned teacher within the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. I am in love with the depth, richness, and vast awakened Heart of this lineage. This practice has given me a tap root to the nourishing essence of meaningful service and sacred reciprocity to all life during this time of unprecedented transformation on Gaia. The teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa lineage, and the vast generosity of Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Dona Cindy Miro-Quesada, my original mentor in this tradition Judy Hogland, and the international PMT community continue to be a daily blessing. Darcy and I now teach the Pachakuti Mesa 5-Part Apprenticeship series in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition this,Darcy and I offer transformation healing retreats in Canada and Peru. These retreats are rooted in Earth honoring animism, eco-psychology, and the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. Each retreat is an initiatory experience that assists in the re-membering of Self, heart illumination and awakening of the inner-healer. Each retreat is in honour and reverence of the profound powers of Nature, the Ancestors/Angels/Guides, and the benevolence Creation. I also works one on one with individuals through ceremonial offerings, mentorship within the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, and intentional creativity. I love to paint and find the process of painting to be one of the most integrative and helpful to really bringing the gifts of my ceremonial work into my life.  I love to use creative expression as a joyful pathway for transformation and transmutation.

Darcy Kopas

For the last two decades Darcy has been passionately researching the fields of holistic health, alternative medicine, spiritual healing, and human potential. Darcy has worked with hundreds of clients through his ceremonial and transformational energy work practice. He is tapped into the alive potential within humanity to transform and evolve into ways of living that are supportive of life. He has a deep passion for helping people heal and thrive, and has dedicated many years to training within shamanism, consciousness studies, self-inquiry, and various energy healing modalities.

For the last 14 years he has been traveling to Peru to study with the Master shamans of the Peruvian Amazon and the high plateaus of the Andean mountains in the practice of traditional Curanderismo Shamanism.

Darcy has a deep well of experience in the ceremonial use of plant spirit medicines from the Andes, Amazon, and beyond. His synergetic ceremonial practice is an expression of his love for life and spirit. This practice is characterized by his love of learning, fearless curiosity, playful sense of humor, and kindness. Darcy is committed to support as many people as possible in this planetary evolution, and tremendously honored to be of service in the support of others in their own healing, wholeness and well being. Eventually Darcy discovered the beautiful Pachakuti lineage of Andean medicine taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. He felt very called to begin apprenticeship in this wisdom system, as well as journeying within the Pachakuti teacher’s path.  Darcy has been astounded and astonished at the beauty, the majesty, and the incredible potential for these ancient Andean energies to transform and awaken consciousness in our lifetime. He is honored to be able to be in service to the beauty of this lineage.

Robin & Darcy live in the mountains of British Columbia.                          

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